Advocates for success

Life in the
Customer Success Team

We are dynamic people with a natural knack for problem-solving and relationship-building. We’re passionate about understanding our customer’s needs and collaborating with them. We bring kindness and empathy to ensure that customers stay engaged and enjoy the best Superside experience. If you like a good challenge, you’ll love it here!

We bring together the very best of Superside to ensure the success of our customers and in turn, our success as an organization.

Make a lasting impact

We get to work with some of the most creative brands on a daily basis - big and small. For us it’s not just about the big names, it’s about being able to advocate for our customer’s long-term success. We believe in the impact of the work we do. What’s more fulfilling than that?

It’s our business to know things! We play a pivotal role working with other teams like Sales, Creative Project Management, Finance, Product, and Tech and this helps us have a well-rounded knowledge of the business. In fact, we have a running joke that we are the smart cookies of Superside. If we ever had a Superside trivia, guess which team will come out on top? You guessed right!

Not to brag but we are pretty likable people. We create a healthy environment that fosters trust and transparency within the team, among our customers and everyone involved.

How we collaborate

Customer Success is guiding our customers all along their lifecycle

At the beginning of a partnership, we have sessions with customers where we get to understand their needs, preferences, and goals.

We work closely with the Creative Project Managers to proactively come up with ideas to help customers make the most out of their Superside plans.

With an understanding of the customer’s goals, we play a consultancy role where we suggest strategic projects that align with these goals.

We glean valuable feedback from customers and identify opportunities for renewal and upselling.

Our Organization

Who is doing what

At each stage of a customer’s Superside journey, we have a dedicated team advocating for their success. Our team is made up of the following:

We advocate on the customer’s behalf by leveraging creativity and strategy to drive usage and get the best out of Superside for our Customers' success.

We improve our processes at each stage of our Customer lifecycle to improve our customers experience and ensure that the customer's goals are met.

Yes, it’s us!

Meet our Team

Janos Burgyan
Janos Burgyan
Janos BurgyanCustomer Experience Manager
Gabi Goldberg
Gabi Goldberg
Gabi GoldbergCustomer Success Manager
Bianca Sleiter
The most rewarding aspect for me is to see how my job is helping to drive successful collaborations, product and experience enhancement, and ultimately, strong business impact. The cross-interaction with different internal departments makes the job very dynamic and allows me to forge meaningful bonds not only with my customers but also with incredibly talented colleagues from all around the world.
Bianca Sleiter
Bianca SleiterCustomer Success Manager
Customer Success leadership team

Meet our leaders

Director of Customer Success

Dominik Hofer

Director of Customer Success
<span>For all <span style="color: #7E98FD;">open positions</span> check our job openings page</span>
<span>For all <span style="color: #7E98FD;">open positions</span> check our job openings page</span>
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For all open positions check our job openings page

All positions are remote and full time
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