HR Business Partner

Superside is looking for an HR Business Partner to help us provide world-class support across the business, ensuring our people and leaders have the conditions they need to thrive and succeed.

Our people are our most valuable asset, so we want to be ambitious about the experience we provide. Joining our People Care team, you’ll be part of the People Experience department, engaging with team members daily, collecting data on people sentiment and supporting them in all People & Talent related queries.

Reporting to the Head of People Care, your success in this role will be measured by the quality of support you provide to your internal stakeholders and the engagement and retention metrics of the teams you service.

What you'll be doing

What you'll be doing

  • Collaborate with managers and department heads to support them on topics of people management, team building, and more
  • Participate in meetings with your team and internal stakeholders to discuss updates, share learnings and brainstorm on improvements
  • Bring relevant business insights to conversations with our leaders to help them understand current situations in their departments
  • Problem-solve and recommend ways to make processes and policies enablers and drivers of high performance and retention of our top talent
  • Analyze trends and key metrics that develop effective and targeted solutions to improve people's sentiment and performance
  • Organize and have calls to build relationships with team members, collect insights or assist in solving issues
  • Assist leadership in addressing pain points most effectively
  • Facilitate talent review sessions and discussions

Our biggest challenges right now

At Superside, we’re working towards building the workplace of the future. As the People Care team, our ultimate goal is ensuring that we, as an organization, deliver an exceptional experience to our people so they’re able to do their best at work. We deal with all sorts of situations and a lot of what we do is not written anywhere.
That is why this role calls for someone who’s proactive and resilient, with the ability to adapt to the circumstances and come up with the best solutions.

What you’ll need to succeed

What you’ll need to succeed

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Psychology, Human Resources, Management or related fields
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in Talent or HR functions, 2 of which as an HR Business Partner
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills, good at presenting ideas and discussing solutions in large groups
  • Familiarity with Google Suite tools, especially Google Sheets
  • Autonomy to conduct meetings and manage employee relations
  • Multitasking skills with overview and structure to meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail and a passion for system and structure
  • Positive attitude towards figuring out and learning new things
  • Conflict management skills with the ability to effectively collaborate and manage the expectations of different internal stakeholders
  • Desire to communicate with people and motivation to face challenges

Our commitment to your career

We give you the necessary tools and resources to take control of your development and unlock your full potential.

With continuous learning opportunities, constant mentoring and leadership development efforts, we strive to build high-performing teams that can grow alongside our company.

Why join us

Why join us

Superside's vision is to create more equal opportunities globally by accelerating the world’s transition to online work. With that in mind, we’ve built a natively remote company enabling us to attract the best talent no matter where they are.

Need more convincing? Here’s a skimmable, non-exhaustive list of reasons to join us:

  • A global community of talented people working from more than 60 different countries
  • Flexible working hours and fully remote setup. We've been remote from day one. No weird office legacy
  • A high-pace, high-energy, and high-performance environment
  • Trusting, ego-free and truth-seeking team members
  • Pioneering the future of work with a fair, friendly and supportive community. We’re pretty proud of this one
  • A career path towards increased responsibility, mentorship and leadership. We grow, you grow
  • We are a global company with 450+ subscription customers worldwide and are experiencing strong revenue growth. You will be exposed to all aspects of a business in startup mode and scaling quickly
  • We’re just the right size. Not a small startup and not a corporate entity either
  • See something you want to improve? Awesome. We’re a flexible and collaborative team that is always learning and growing

Hiring process

This is our general hiring process, it might be adjusted for certain roles when necessary.
30-minute call with a Talent Partner to learn more about Superside and your experience. No need for formal prep beforehand!
The ability tests have been selected to measure the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the role.
An initial interview between you and someone from the team to get to know each other and learn more about how we work.
This is your time to shine! You'll receive a hypothetical business case to work on.
1h conversation with a Team Lead. You’ll first have the opportunity to present your work before diving deeper into your past experience. We always set aside some time for your questions so don’t hesitate to prep some! We want to make sure we’re the right place for you as much as you’re the right fit for us!
At this stage, it is clear we want you! We’ll make sure you want to join us too.
Life in the Talent team
Life in the Talent team

Life in the Talent team

As a team, we are dedicated to discovering talented individuals and helping them grow while providing a positive experience. Our goal is to match exceptional talent with the best opportunities available for them. We work with Superside teams to build top-performing teams by adopting effective strategies. Our team aims to provide the best possible experience for our members and set them up for success from day one. Our focus is on continuous growth, and we support our ambitious talent in advancing their careers by acquiring new skills and strengthening existing capabilities.

Ready to join?
Ready to join?

Ready to join?

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